Thursday, November 27, 2008


Iron Kissed, Patricia Briggs - In this last installment of the Mercy Thompson series, Mercy, our friendly shape shifting coyote, finds herself, yet again, immersed in the supernatural world. Someone is killing fae and Ms. Thompson soon finds herself mixed up in a bunch of mayhem and foolishness (thanks Niecy Nash!) while trying to clear her friend Zee's good name. While Zee sits in jail, Mercy is followed by a magic stick, chased by a swamp monster and attacked by a magic stealing geek. She also chooses a mate, finally! Will it be Adam or Samuel? Her final decision will have you asking for more. I didn't absolutely love this book but I did enjoy it. I became bored with the redundant mentioning of the Alpha's power and dominance and tails wagging between legs and ya da, ya da. I know Adam is the Alpha, I know. Overall I enjoyed this series and will continue to read them if Patricia continues writing them.

♥♥♥ - I like it!
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