Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby, Ira Levin - Rosemary is a housewife and Guy is an actor. Rosemary wants a baby and her husband Guy wants to become a famous actor. How far will he go to have all of his wildest dreams come true? Rosemary's Baby is a witty and suspenseful novel, one that leaves you asking for more. It is my understanding that Ira Levin is an outright mastermind when it comes to suspense but I beg to differ. Yes, I enjoyed this novel but I didn't find it spellbinding or masterful. I was mostly irritated with Rosemary for being so naive, so trusting. Her husband, Guy, deserves to be burned at the stake and the evil, rotten neighbors should be ashamed. I was asking for more because it just, ended. It ended. You know the type of novel that finally gets to the point and then ends without explanation? Well, this one left me staring at page 308. I could only stare because it was over and I was angry because Rosemary should have at least killed somebody for what they put her through. I guess I can't complain, there is a book titled Son of Rosemary that I have to read in order to get the full story. Thanks Ira, very clever.

♥♥- It was okay...


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