Sunday, October 12, 2008


STEP ON A CRACK, James Patterson - It is love at first read between me and Patterson! I really enjoyed my first James Patterson reading experience. This book surrounds NYPD Detective Michael Bennett, his career, his ten adopted children and cancer suffering wife. The first lady is murdered. Celebrities, politicians and billionaires are held at a high ransom. The story continues to unfold from there. I, of course, would hate to spoil it in case you want to read it! What really captured me was Patterson's ability to play a tennis match with the story. The chapters were very short and to the point. One chapter focused on one part of the story and the next focused on another and he played back and forth with this rhythm throughout the novel. This book is what I will call a laid back suspense novel. It wasn't edge of your seat exciting but it was exciting in a way that kept you reading. I almost cried a few times too. Now go and read it!

♥♥♥♥- I LIKE IT!


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