Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hello Love!

Welcome to "Book Obsession" (thunderous applause)! If you love to read, read and read, you've found the perfect place! As the daughter of a woman who has read over 1,500 books, I've genetically earned the title of Lil' Miss Read Freak! I made an oath to buy and read books until I can't do it anymore! So, pay me frequent visits and delve into my book obsession!

xoxo ♥


Deborah said...

This should be an exciting experience. Your blog is FABULOUS and comming from a person who just LOVES to read I cannot wait to see what you do next.

Bostick Communications said...

Your blog looks great.

Our company has been representing authors for the past twenty years. We would love to add you to our database to receive press releases from them regarding books applicable to the genres you review.

Thank you in advance,

Ken Eason
Bostick Communications