Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just a thought...

I have not posted a book review in ages. Life gets in the way. Also, I have been so uninspired by many of the books that I have read recently. I know that in the world of creativity there are really no bad books. It is all a matter of taste and opinion. I guess none of the books that I have read motivate me to want to write about them. So, I now want my blog to be about things related to books and the print world. I no longer want to be limited to blogging about one thing. I feel so limited and out of sorts when I try to force myself to stay within my book blogging box. I have also started a new blog where I blog about various topics. I am thoroughly enjoying it. It is so much fun and I don't filter my language or opinions. I love my blog. It is my baby and I want my baby to be well rounded.

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