Saturday, October 1, 2011

Touched by Angels by Peggy Webb

 If you peruse through my blog you will see that I do not typically read romance novels, but Barnes & Noble was offering this book as a free download for my nook color, so HELLO, I had to read it!

The story centers around Sarah Love, a beautiful, guarded, single-mother who is doing her best to raise Jenny, her four-year-old "special" daughter, and Jake Townsend, a handsome millionaire who falls in love with mother and daughter after he narrowly escapes hitting Jenny with his motorcycle when she wanders into the road.

Jake, his heart ripped apart by a tragic incident from his past, struggles to accept and prove his love to Sarah who was tossed aside by her husband because of the pressures of raising a child with special needs. These two embark on a complicated and whirlwind romance that will touch your heart. The true heart string puller (is that a real phrase?) and star of this book is Jenny. How could you stop yourself from falling in love with a character that hugs Jake around the knees and looks into his eyes and says, "ake" (yes, without the J). I love it!

I will probably always shy away from romance novels, but I believe that a true book lover is open to reading all genres and I am glad I gave this one a go-round. It was simple and yes, a little corny at times, but isn't that what romance is made of?

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Brittany said...

This book sounds very interesting & I am now adding it to my to-read list