Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nook by Barnes & Noble

...is calling out to me. It received rave reviews and received the "Best New Gadget of 2009" from TechCrunch Crunchies. It wants me to carry it home in one of those green Barnes & Noble bags, but I won't, I will not do it. How will my books feel? I can't just abandon them for the draw of technology. Really, we all love touchscreen this and color screen that. It's so exciting to have something new with grand bells and whistles. I must admit that every time I see someone with a fancy schmancy gadget, I feel like I need to curtsy in their direction because they have grabbed innovation by the horns and I still have a VCR on top of my 20 + year old television that was given to me by an elderly relative. It ain't broke, why fix it? So, Nook I think you are beautiful and I love all of the protective carrying cases they've made for you. I want you for the sake of having the pink protective cover, but at the end of the day I want to curl up with a real book. I want to look at the cover, I want to smell the pages, I want it open in my lap. I didn't purchase a ridiculous amount of expensive and fashionable bookmarks for nothing. Unless someone gifts me with a Nook, I will not have one. I will continue to stack books along my walls in my small apartment because they delight me. There are some things that just cannot be upgraded.

Check out the nook for yourself at www.bn.com

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