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Rex. A Mother, her Autistic Child, and the Music that Transformed Their Lives, by Cathleen Lewis - Lewis takes readers on an inspiring journey through the joys and challenges of raising a child who is blind, autistic and most of all, a musical genius.

"There's nothing to be done," he began...The doctor's eyes held mine, and he just said it: "Your son is blind." (Lewis, p. 7)

This novel revolves around a mother's desire to give her son a full and happy life in spite of the odds. A divorced mother, she takes on the day-to-day tasks of ensuring her son has the best education and opportunities possible. Rex, although at times heart-wrenching is truly inspiring. Rex himself is a Hero. A young boy that will cause the most arrogant person to bow down and be humbled. There are parts of the story that make one stop and appreciate the beauty that is often hidden within the ugliness of the world.

As in many books written by mothers about their children, the storie tend to be one-sided and rose colored but Lewis maintains an even balance in her narrative. Rex is not too perfect and neither is she. She often highlights her mistakes and admits when she was wrong in lacking faith when it came to allowing others to interact with her son. There are many risks when telling a narrative story but Lewis manages to breeze through with flying colors.

Although the story begins with the tale of a mother's agony it slowly blossoms into a story about the hope, purpose, inspiration and love that is wrapped up in an incredibly gifted little boy. Young Rex inspires courage and selflessness. His story is one of love, powerful love.

♥♥♥♥♥-I Love It!

Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Pub. Date: October 2008
ISBN-13: 9781595551504

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