Wednesday, October 29, 2008


THE SHINING, Stephen King - Can you find a person who hasn't heard the name Stephen King? The Shining is the third book that I've read by Mr. King, I like him. He's cool. I just finished this 683 page chiller and I must say, it left me a little lukewarm. If you read the back cover you would think this would be a book of total and complete horrors. I'm easy to scare and I was very far from being scared. I wasn't even spooked. I'm sure most people have seen The Shining movie so the premise is well known. The Overlook Hotel is basically a hotel full of horrors especially if you have the SHINE! An ability to read minds, emotions and see into the future. Jack, Wendy and their young son, Danny Torrance (he has the SHINE!) take up winter residence at the Overlook. Jack lost his job because of a rage fit and has accepted a job as the Overlook's caretaker. Well, he should have applied at the local Holiday Inn because this is going to be a job he will never forget!! This is a good read. I would label it a suspense novel instead of horror. It just wasn't horror worthy!

♥♥♥ - I LIKE IT!

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