Monday, September 8, 2008

Frenemy? No, the enemy!

Frenemies, Megan Crane - They say that you are never to judge a book by its cover, well that's old school rubbish. I looked at the cover of this book and immediately turned-up my nose. I very warily opened the book and guess what? It was not to my liking. In one of my previous blog entries, I noted that my good friend gave me some books to read. This Frenemies disaster was one of her gifts to me. Umm...can I like give it back?? This is the most boring book I've read all year. It's grown-up drama wrapped up into 287 long and extremely boring pages. To Crane's credit I hate chick lit so maybe I'm not on her level! I vowed that I would read a variety of different genres but if it's going to be this painful, I'm going to have some long boring nights under my reading lamp!! It took me a week just to read the first 37 pages. I can't like 'em all.



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